CBD Oil for Anxiety

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD Oil has been trending like crazy lately. It’s making its way into everything from drinks and supplements to edibles and beauty products. According to Dr. Tiffany Lester, CBD can have numerous health benefits including managing mood disorders like anxiety and depression, chronic pain, inflammation, gut health, and seizures. CBD products contain minimal THC so the products are not psychoactive and do not get you high. Different brands contain different amounts so you should do your research before purchasing.

My first ever CBD experience was while I was in San Diego. I stumbled into Juice Crafters and purchased bottled juice that had CBD oil in it. It was a small amount of CBD but even so, I felt the calming effects immediately.

Fast forward a year, and I’ve decided to explore further. I’ve always suffered from bouts of anxiety throughout my life. It’s not everyday, but when I do it’s really hard to come out of. I feel like I’m operating at full speed with my stomach in knots and incapable of relaxing no matter what I do. Relief can sometimes take a day before I feel normal again.

I’m not one for pharmaceutical drugs. I prefer to find natural solutions for chronic health issues rather than cover them up. I’ve read great things about CBD oil for anxiety but wasn’t sure where to start or what brand to use.

Luckily, another health blogger that I follow (and trust), Jenny Sansouci, Founder of Healthy Crush wrote a few blogs on CBD. She recommended a brand called SupHerbals where you can order their product online without having a medical marijuana card.

I decided to go for the 850mg tincture to start. SupHerbals offers tinctures up to 1200mg. I was beyond excited when it arrived! It happened to be a very stressful week (hello, wedding planning) and I was in desperate need of some relief.

I started with a half a tincture under my tongue. It wasn’t a cure-all but it surprisingly took the edge off my anxiety in just a few seconds. I felt the tension in my body soften. Not going to lie, I don’t love the cannabis taste it has but I’ll deal with the flavor to feel like a normal person again. I’ve been using it sporadically over the past two weeks and haven’t experienced any negative reactions from the tinctures.

Overall, I found CBD oil to be helpful in managing my anxiety and helping my body return to a calm state. I don’t use it every day but if I feel my anxiety creeping in, or if I’m feeling particularly stressed, I take a full tincture as a preventative measure. I tested out a small dose and worked my way up. Of course, I’m not a doctor and you should absolutely contact a medical professional before giving it a try.

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