Day 2: Medical Medium’s Heavy Metal Protocol

Today is the second consecutive day of my Medical Medium heavy metal detox. This powerhouse smoothie is filled with spirulina, organic barley juice powder, wild blueberries, Atlantic┬ádulse, and cilantro. Cilantro’s strong flavor is hard to completely mask. I’ve added banana, dates and organic raspberries to take the edge off of this sassy, little herb and the bitterness from the greens.

Now for the updates from day 2. I noticed a slight headache forming within a few minutes of drinking my┬ásecond detox smoothie. The good news is the headache wasn’t as intense as yesterdays. I’ll take that as progress! My neck pain also returned but felt very mild. Overall, today’s detox symptoms were tolerable.

I noticed I don’t have as big of an appetite. I’ve been eating lighter and trying to cut back on my meat intake during this initial detox phase. I made a big pot of red lentil soup with veggies and ate that for my last two meals. In case you were wondering, it was delicious and the perfect meal for a rainy, cold NYC day.

Lastly, my skin is looking a little brighter! Thank you, greens!

Overall, I’m still experiencing a few detox reactions but excited for the healing journey. Looking forward to day 3. Stay tuned for more.

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