Day 3: Heavy Metal Detox + Healing Reaction Resources

Day 3 of my heavy metal detox feels good. Today marks my first headache free day. Woohoo! I feel like I made it over the hump (knock on wood, don’t want to jinx it)!

Now for the bad news. While my headache went away, my skin did erupt in a few breakouts. I’m looking a little like my 16-year-old self at the moment but trying not to let it drive me crazy. This is a normal healing reaction. You can experience a wide range of symptoms when your body is purging toxins. These reactions can be anything from headaches and muscle aches to breakouts and moodiness. This isn’t my first rodeo so I know the symptoms I’m experiencing are attributed to my detox.

Interested in learning more? I’ve pulled together a few resources to learn more about healing reactions:

Coping with a Healing Reaction During a Cleanse

Are you Experiencing a Healing Crisis? 

Dangers of Heavy Metals and How to do a Heavy Metal Detox

Whenever I’m experiencing negative reactions from anything in my healing journey I remind myself to “look past the trees.” This piece of advice stuck with me when I read Dr. Susan Blum’s book The Immune System Recovery Plan. It might seem frustrating to take drastic steps to improve your health but think about the positive effects it could have when you make it to the other side; when you move past the trees.

It’s easier to deal with healing/detox reactions when you know what to expect. I like to remind myself that I’m flooding my body with vitamins and nutrients that are helping to clean up years of stored garbage. If you’re thinking about changing your diet drastically or doing a cleanse of any kind be sure to inform yourself about what to expect. And don’t forget to treat your body with extra care during the process.

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