Healthy Travel Guide: Westhampton

Hello friends. It is pumpkin season and I am enjoying every minute of it. Fall is my favorite time of year to take local weekend trips. The neighboring beach towns are quiet and the the local shops and restaurants are typically still open. Also, the traffic is often much less which is a wonderful added bonus.

I love picking out pumpkins and apples at local farms while sipping on hot cider and breathing in the crisp fall air. I find spending time in nature to be very therapeutic and healing.

This weekend we headed out to Quogue, NY which is an amazing little town near Westhampton. It was great to spend a night away in new surroundings. We stayed at the Quogue Club which never disappoints. This small beach hotel is beaming with character from the cozy rooms in the lobby lined with bookshelves and complete with fire places to the beach themed decor which makes you feel right at home.

When I travel I love to scope out local places to stay healthy on the go. There is an organic juice bar on Main Street in Westhampton called Deliciously Dories Joyful Juice which is just as amazing as it sounds. You can get vegan/gluten free smoothies and juices as well as stock up a few snacks and baked goods. They also have Kombucha (insert happy face emoji here)! They know the way to my heart and stomach.

I always travel with extra snacks because you never know when you might have trouble locating places with clean eating options. I always do some googling before a trip so I know what is available at my destination. Regardless of what is available it is generally a good idea to bring back-up options to avoid any stress during your adventures.

Before we left to head back to the city we stopped off at Westhampton beach which was so incredibly beautiful even in the off-season. The sun was shining and the beach, as you would imagine in October, was quiet and peaceful. I soaked it all in before hitting the road.

It was wonderful to get away and decompress from a busy week. I consider my weekend trips part of my self-care routine to get much needed rest and relaxation. I am now ready to take on another week!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Sunday.



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